Google+ Essential basics for your Social Media Marketing Strategy: Engage with customer

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Essential basics for your Social Media Marketing Strategy: Engage with customer

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In today’s highly connected world, social networking is not only a place where people from all over the world share their personal and public lives, also also involve in discussions, explore products, get influenced by advertisements and structure their buying preferences. So it is an excellent platform for lead generation as many prospects are out there in the social media’s virtual world. Therefore, to fish out relevant customers, you must have a strong marketing strategy. Undoubtedly, competent Social Media marketing services providers heavily rely on social media platforms for lead generation. When hiring the service provider here are some basic elements that you must look for in their social media marketing strategy:

1. Finalize on your goal and its quantitative indicator
Social media offers you different platforms and multiple marketing options, hence, it is important to analyze your company’s requirement, its motive and then decide how will social media will help you achieve these goals. The company should help you decide on primary and secondary goals that you want to focus on keeping things like brand awareness, customer retention and to reduce marketing costs. The company also help you identify the measuring factors for your goal, so that you are able to know whether or not your strategy was successful and what percentage of your goal have you achieved.

2. Identify relevant Customers
In order to churn out more & more qualified leads from social media, you must know which kind of customers are relevant to you, or would be interested in your product or service offered. Buyer personas are the key to knowing whether or not a profile is a prospect customer or not. These personas give your information about the audience’s age, occupation, income, interests, pains, problems, obstacles, hobbies, likes, dislikes which give you insight to tap him directly. It is best to hire professional Social Media marketing services providers to create buyer persona and assist in lead generation process to ensure maximum sales and revenue.
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3. Study your Competition
Social media is a virtual world, where you can not only track your competitors activity but also learn from his moves. You must track the kind of profiles your competitor targets, which discussions he engages in, how many fans or followers he has, what type of content they post and their responses to the audience. Gauge what level of engagement they have with the audience, this shall give you a general picture of how the competition is doing so you can measure & see where you stand against them.

Apart from this, the professional Social Media marketing services providers will help you create valuable content to reach out to prospects and existing clients. To ensure value for money, carefully choose the service provider.
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shamshudinkhan said...

social media is best way to increase sales
thanks for sharing tips

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