Google+ 5 Ways for Wedding/Events Planners & Apps to Make More Money

Thursday, 15 January 2015

5 Ways for Wedding/Events Planners & Apps to Make More Money

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how to recruit value adding SEO AffiliatesIf you were at the Wedtech conference last fall you probably saw my panel about how wedding/event planners and wedding apps can grow, scale and make money. After the show I got a lot of questions about how to implement the strategies to monetize websites, make more money with each wedding and event planning client as well as continue the revenue stream after the event is over.  I also got a lot of questions about monetizing wedding apps and planning tools.
If you were wondering or want to know more (these can be applied to almost any type of business so it is still relevant for you), here is a follow up post with 5 ways and 1 bonus strategy to help you make more with each client, potential clients and to monetize your wedding or event planning app.
This post is broken out into two parts:
  1. Clean affiliate programs to work with
  2. 5+ ways to make more money with your wedding/event business or app

    How Wedding Businesses & Vendors Can Make Money With Clean Affiliate Programs

    The thing to remember is that your clients need favors, decor, supplies, etc… for their event.  By having trusted partners you can send them to for the items that they need to buy anyways, you can earn a commission with little to no extra work.
    Below you’ll find all of my current clean wedding affiliate programs (I start with what clean affiliate programs are) and the links to join the programs. Afterwards I share some strategies that you can start using today to create additional channels of revenue from each current, future and past client.
    Here are my wedding clients that currently have clean affiliate programs:
    • – 15.2% – Join Here.
    • & Swoozie’s (favors and gifts) – 10% – Join Here.
    • – 10% base commission – Join Here.
    • Hips& (Plus size bridal & honeymoon lingerie) – 8% base commission – Join Here.
    • SmugMug (Photography storage, wedding websites & more) – 15% – Join Here.
    • (Bridal bras and panties) – 8% – Join Here.
    What is a clean affiliate program?
    A clean affiliate program is one that does not work with or has solutions to protect your commissions from sites that rank for the merchant’s url + coupons, adware like toolbars or trademark bidders.  This is very rare in the wedding niche which is why many event planners, app developers and others within the niche enjoy working with our programs over others. Below is one example of a common issue within affiliate marketing on how you can lose your commissions in a dirty affiliate program.
    If you refer a client to a site and they arrive at a checkout page and see a coupon box, your client may go to Google or Yahoo to find a coupon code.  If the websites that show up for the merchant name + coupons are active affiliates, you will probably lose your commission since your tracking cookie may be replaced, and if it is, you will lose sale to the partner that ranked for url + coupons. That’s why we don’t work with them, and if we do we have leapfrogging and other solutions to make sure you get credit and the little to no value adding partner does not.
    So now that you know what a clean program is, how do you use this to make money with your event/wedding planning company or app?  This is the easy part!

    5 Easy Strategies For Event or Wedding Planners & Apps to Make More Money

  3. 1. Create an Online Affiliate Shop (no coding needed).

    The simplest way to make money from current clients is to send them a url on your website or have a shopping section in your app. Once they land on this page, you can do a few things.
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